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Travel & Itinerary

We ensure that your trip is smooth sailing from beginning to end! Although the travel portion of an adventure is certainly not the highlight of the trip, it can put a damper on an otherwise memorable experience if not organized properly. We try to put ourselves in our clients' shoes and organize things the way we would want them to happen if we were going on the trip. From Montreal, to camp and back, we strive to maintain a smooth and easy transition throughout each step of the voyage. Every detail has been considered, and all arrangements have been made to ensure that the travel portion of the trip does not interfere with the positive memories of the adventure. The only thing that can mess up our plans from time to time is the weather - Mother Nature occasionally reminds us who is boss!

The Adventure Begins in Montreal, Quebec

The meeting point for all hunters whether flying or driving is at the Holiday Inn Hotel located 10 minutes from the Trudeau International Airport.  Salmon fishermen will either convene at this same location, or directly at the Mirabel airport depending on the week of arrival. In the rear parking lot of the hotel is a secured parking lot designated for hunters and fishermen, as well as a refrigeration unit, storage unit and scale.  Clients traveling to Montreal by air will be picked up at the airport by the hotel shuttle. Check-in/weigh-in begins in the evening on the day prior to each departure date.  For example, if a hunter/fisherman was scheduled to depart during the week of 08/28-09/03, he would need to arrive at the hotel in Montreal on 08/27th to check in his gear.  Departure for base camp would be at 6:00 am on the 08/28th, and arrival at camp would be around 12:00 noon on 08/28th.  Using the same example, this client would return to Montreal on the evening of 09/03rd.  A finalized itinerary will be sent to all hunters and fishermen in March, the year of their scheduled trip.

Departure from Mirabel Airport

The departure airport for our charter flight is in the town of Mirabel, Quebec - about 30 min Northwest of the city of Montreal. 
Clients will be transported by coach bus from the Holiday Inn Hotel in Montreal to the Mirabel Airport the morning of the first day of their scheduled trip.
Transportation to and from the airport, as well as the handling of gear, meat, antlers and fish is taken care of by our crew.

Caniapiscau Base Camp

The flight from Mirabel to our base camp in Caniapiscau takes about 2 1/2 hours on the Convair 580 aircraft or PC-12.  After landing on the gravel strip next to our base camp, clients take a short walk to our kitchen to eat breakfast and receive their licenses.  During this time, the charter aircraft is unloaded and their gear is separated and loaded into the designated float planes that will transport them to camp.  Float plane rides can last anywhere from 1 - 2 1/2 hours, depending on the distance of the camps we are using that week which are best suited to intercept the caribou migration.  Fishermen can expect a 1 hr flight to Maricourt camp.  Should the weather provide unfavorable flying conditions, we have comfortable sleeping accommodations and hot meals prepared for our guests at a cost of $10 for breakfast; $15 for lunch; $20 for supper.

Arrival at Camp

After an exciting float plane ride over miles of uninhabited tundra, clients arrive at their camp to hunt, fish and explore for the next 6 days.  We have over 40 camps which differ slightly in arrangements, but most consist of separate buildings for guest & staff quarters, kitchen & dining facilities, and bathroom facilities.
Each guide has his own boat for transporting hunters and fishermen, and every camp has a screened meat house (refrigeration unit at the Maricourt camp for fish) to ensure proper care.
Hunters and fishermen return to base camp, and then back to Montreal in the evening of the last day of their scheduled trip.