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Jack Hume Adventures - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Tom Kloss

09/03/16 - Independence Wis.

Richard and Amanda, ever since I was old enough to read Outdoor Life magazines I have been dreaming of doing a caribou hunt. Well, the actual hunt was better than my dreams. Our long road trip to Montreal, (Dennis, Chuck, and I) lots of laugh's!! To the two flights to get to camp, once in camp the guides, Jamie and Bob were incredible, Dee was one heck of a cook. The guys in camp you set us up with were great! it was like we knew each other for years. I can't describe in less than 15 minutes when people ask about the hunt, of how amazing this was. I'm e-mailing with the guys in camp about coming back, we all agreed, YES, we are booking another hunt! this was a once in a life time hunt that is going to be a TWICE in a life time......

Todd Carl

2016 - WI

Amanda and Richard, Just finished our caribou hunt with you. Everyone asks, how was your trip? I tell people it's undescribeable. If I had to use 2 words those words would be Absolutely Incredible. Our hunt was everything I expected and more. From booking our hunt to the first night and amazing northern lights to shooting our caribou to catching beautiful trout to our guide Bob and cook Dee, everything was nothing short of amazing. Jerry and I both shot great caribou and saw alot. All the guys in camp (Dave, Rory, Chuck, Tom and Dennis) were awesome guys to be around. The meals Dee cooked were some of the best meals I've ever had anywhere. Our guide Bob would go to the moon and back for his hunters and I think he literally did for us. He was knowledgeable and did everything he could to see that we were going to shoot nice bulls. Jerry and I can't thank you enough for making our hunt truly a hunt of a lifetime. I have been on other hunting trips and I think you could combine all of them and they would not be in the same catagory as this hunt. When I book another caribou hunt I won't even consider going anywhere else. You guys went above and beyond to see that absolutely everything was taken care of. Thank you so much for making our dream hunt priceless. Todd

Austin Hill

Fall 2016 - Bismarck, North Dakota

Richard and Amanda, Thank you so much for a hunt of a lifetime, you run a top notch outfitter. It was great that Richard offered to move us on two separate occasions, when were not seeing much for animals, that was amazing! The camp we were in was great (Bobbies Lake), the cook and the guides were the best! You will not go hungry and if you do, its your own fault. It was a tough hunt, the weather was warm and the animals were not prolific. (That is a 'hunt' in my mind!!) Special thanks to Karl, Trent and Sandi! If you are even thinking about doing a hunt like this, do it and go with Jack Hume Adventures! I will be back, hopefully sooner than later!

Patrick Cebuhar

Fall 2016 - Illinois

Jack Hume Adventures - Richard & Amanda delivered on every thing as promised. There word is Good! From beginning to end the communication, organization, and details were flawless. They run a very efficient & effective outfitting service. They obviously can't control the weather, caribou movement or migration, but everything they can control is managed with perfection. It's called hunting & there are no guarantees for success, but it will not be due to lack of effort. They have a professional staff & deliver what they promise.

Eric Saxon

Fall 2016 - Quebec

I have recently returned back to Maine from my first Caribou hunt with Jack Hume Adventures. It was a great pleasure to harvest 2 Caribou. My hunt this year turned out to be the most memorable hunt, and I have been hunting since 8. y guide Matt T. Made an extraordinary effort to make my hunt a success. I cannot thank him enough for his efforts. If you are considering booking a hunt for Caribou/Black Bear, or fishing, STOP searching on Google and book with Jack Hume Adventures. X-Navy Seal Eric Saxon

Craig Eisenhart

fall 2016 - Sir James

This is my first time with Jack Hume Adventures. I've hunted with 3 other outfitters in Northern Quebec since the 1980's. This was easily the best all around organization, camp, and hunting experience in 13 trips. The rainbow says it all!

Dave Witthuhn

Sept 3 - 9, 2016 - Wisconsin

When I was around 10 and saw my first pictures of caribou, I knew one day I would hunt them. Now at 62 and having just finished my 4th hunt with JHA, that excitement only grows. The beauty of the tundra stays with me and I look forward to each return. Having JHA as my outfitter makes that happen. From planning the hunt to literally heading back home, you take care of it all. Thanks for all you do and a special thanks from that 10 year old. :)

Sean Devereaux

2015 - Ontario

I had a fantastic week. Wilson, Sandy, Karl & Larry make an excellent team. We had a very successful hunt, great fishing and a lot of great laughs. The food was amazing, especially the local fare. I will return with friends!

Phil Atkinson

2015 - Indiana

Willy’s camp was made very enjoyable by the people who staffed it. “D” the cook was competent at anything she did. Bob was the hardest working guide I have ever seen. His knowledge of the area and of caribou was great. The two guides worked together seamlessly and really complemented each other. A very enjoyable experience! A great hunt to share with my son!

Terry Butler

2015 - Virginia

Jack Hume Adventures provides a caribou hunting trip of a lifetime. Richard, Amanda put their clients 1st, constantly communicating prior, during and after the hunt to ensure all questions and concerns are taken care of. They have amazing guides and cooks at the camps, who also put the clients 1st. This trip is one which you do not want to end. Truly amazing hunting trip and people.

Chris Litzinger

2015 - Pennsylvania

Few things in life are correctly advertised. Jack Hume Adventures is that rare find. Exactly what I expected then surprised at how much more I received. Your employees are top notch!! Thanks for a lifetime experience.

Flint Dewitt

2015 - Illinois

Trip was planned for 3 years. It met and exceeded all expectations. I can’t explain how happy I am with the way everything turned out!

Gary McHenry

2015 - West Virginia

The hunt exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

Tony Butters

2015 - Maryland

Blew my expectations out of the water! From the pickup to drop off. Everyone was wanting to help and made my experience a trip of a lifetime. Bob was the hardest, most conscientious guide I’ve ever had. Worked hard every day. Best guide I’ve seen in making sure meat was properly taken care of and caping done right. Outstanding! Thank you Richard and Amanda.

Warren Yohe

2015 - Colorado

This trip is exactly as advertised. Everything was just wonderful. A trip of a lifetime for my son and I.

Jason Farr

2015 - Illinois

Everything was perfect. I’ve hunted all over and this is the best ran outfit I’ve ever seen! Perfect for the traditional bow hunter. The camp, cooking and hunting were 2nd to none.

Gordon Lutken

2015 - Mississippi

Exceptional guide service in great migration route with knowledgeable guides who were able to get me within bow range of many mature bulls.

Ed Valentine

2015 - South Carolina

I have been a repeat customer of JHA ever since 1993. They are organized, equipped and prepared to offer a superb hunting experience that will exceed all expectations. I highly recommend them and will be returning in the near future. Thank you Richard, Amanda and Jimmy for giving my friends and I memories that will last a lifetime.

Leo Gravell

2015 - Wisconsin

The best big game hunt I’ve ever been on!

Michael Russell

2015 - Texas

At 70 yrs. old I was anxious re: my ability to hunt caribou, but my guide was very good at getting me to good sites to see good prospects and shoot good bulls. Guide was very skilled at quartering, deboning, caping etc. Facilities were great. Cook/meals were good and all the staff quite friendly, sociable and accommodating. Wonderful hunt!

Steven Burns

2015 - Michigan

This was my first caribou hunt and Jack Hume Adventures handled it with excellence from beginning to end. The guides were excellent and the cooking was fantastic. I highly recommend hunting with Jack Hume Adventures.

Jim Schweiter

2015 - Virginia

A very professional organization with flawless logistics complemented the hunt of a lifetime for us. Outstanding scenery, plenty of fish and game, great guides and cook made for a truly memorable hunt.

Dennis Roper

2015 - New York

Richard and Amanda, Thanks for making a 7+ year dream come true. It truly was a “world class” adventure with “world class” results. We will definitely be making another trip up soon!

Bruce Pavlov

2015 - Michigan

With Jack Hume Adventures I was able to arrange a group of 16 hunters. All 16 hunters were successful and happy with their hunts.
Thank you Jack Hume Adventures!

William Kenyon


The entire experience was great. The organization to get us set up and out to camp was exceptional. The facilities at the camp were great. Our camp cook Sandi and camp manager Karl and the guides Larry and Wilson were very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and professional. The atmosphere was both fun and encouraging. Everyone got along so well. I would urge anyone who wants a real hunt in real caribou terrain to hunt with Jack Hume Adventures!

Jason Sheridan

2015 - Louisiana

Simply the best! From the logistics to the camps, to the food. I couldn’t have asked for a better time on the tundra.  Our guide went above and beyond and our cook is responsible for me gaining a few pounds.  It could not have been better!

Robert M Behrend

2015 - Pennsylvania

I would highly recommend JHA and their staff for a fantastic experience. Superbly satisfied!

Mike Aubel

2015 - New York

Thank you so much for another great adventure. This was my daughters 1st hunting trip, and it truly proved to be everything I had hoped it would be for her and for us.  The logistics were great and the accommodations and equipment exceeded our expectations.
Most importantly, the people are what makes these trips so special. Thank you to all of you (Richard, Amanda, Sawyer and especially Jimmy) for making this experience something we will never forget.

Ben White

2015 - Washington

I have been to Scotland for Fallow and Roe Deer and to South Africa for Antelope twice. I thought those trips could not be topped. Richard and Amanda by far provided the true “trip of a lifetime”.

Dave Witthuhn

Hi Richard and Amanda. Seems running out of superlatives is the only hard part of describing our hunts with JHA. This is my 3rd hunt with you and I will be back again in 2016. Our hunt at Willies was incredible this year. Our camp - Tony, Gary, Chris, Rich and Rory was second to none. Great guys who hunted hard and ethically and I would share camp with any of them again anytime. Our guides Bob McGreggor and Jamie Nadeau, (it's ok to relax for 5 minutes you two) are the definition of what caribou guides are. And our cook Donya Wurschmidt,  should open her own restaurant. From the minute I arrive in Montreal to literally loading the truck for the trip home - you take care of everything. Steve and Robert at the gear weigh in, bus to the airport (& 5am breakfast) charter plane to base camp and all the hunters having their licenses ready to go before brunch and loading up in Otters for camps. After getting back to Montreal having Marcel ready to process your meat and have it ready before 6am the next day is a great service. You set the bar. Thanks again and see you in 2016.


Mike Russell, II, MD

I just want to compliment you and your staff on a job well done!  My father, brother and I had a great trip, wonderful hunt, and lifetime experience!

The camp was excellent, the staff great and the caribou were outstanding.

Most of all I want to congratulate you on the amazing logistical feat you pulled off getting us out yesterday! I was quite amazed, job well done, very professional and I’m not easily impressed.

If you need any recommendations to prospective clients, I’ll be glad to give a testimonial.  I’ll also forward a few pictures your way, I got quite a few good pics!

Mike Russell, II, MD

Tripp Josey

Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time.  We gave my dad this gift for Father's Day and it couldn't have turned out any better!  You guys run a great operation and hopefully we can make back up there to hunt with ya'll again in the near future. 
Thanks again.

Tripp Josey

Dominique Hage

september 2014 - Caniapiscau

first Caribou hunt ever, will definitely use the same oufitter again. Good camps, outstanding service and great staff.

John Pansegrau

2014 - Quebec

We had the adventure of a life time and I know that gets said a lot, but that is what we dreamed about for 2 years and it did not disappoint.

Tricia Gall

2014 - Quebec

The experience was once again a “chance of a lifetime” and both of my girls have thoroughly enjoyed the dad bonding time.  I have heard so many awesome stories from both Taylor and Fred (different versions of course!) And Jim, the guide, was amazing again! 

Fred wanted to let you know……. “Thanks again for an incredible hunt.”

Brenda and Gordy Simpson

2014 - Quebec

Gordy and I thoroughly enjoyed our caribou hunt.  Gordy is recovering well from two cracked ribs.  We had caribou burgers last night for dinner that tasted great.  We have been sharing our hunt stories and pictures and everyone is very impressed.  I am attaching our favorite 2 pics and will email more separately.


Thanks again for all your help in making our caribou hunt a hunt of a lifetime.

Wayne Chabot

2014 - Quebec

Your organization of the transportation and flights was amazing and the glitch with the weather on Monday only added to the adventure. To be able to do this with my boys was priceless and I hope to do it again with them and then my granddaughters. As my youngest said giving me a hug after his second bull; "this is f......g awesome". It was worth every cent!

Brian Duxbury

2014 - Quebec

Dear Richard and Amanda,

Sebastian and I and would like to thank you for all of your hospitality on our hunting trip.  We had complete success and your organization, professionalism and preparedness was impressive and made it all easy.

Our guide, Carl, had endless determination (and patience with me) to put us on to caribou and he did.  We did so well that we had time to fish.  The fishing was insane!  (Catch and release only of course).

Carl, Sandi and Wilson were great hosts in our camp.  Sandi’s cooking was amazing and while it felt like I walked to James Bay and back with Carl, I still gained weight.  They were just good fun to be with.

I wanted the trip of a lifetime for my son and myself.  You more then delivered.  Somehow, I now have to find a way to come back!  Many thanks.  

Yours very truly, 

Tom Mangold

2014 - Quebec

Hi Amanda & Richard, just wanted to thank you for arranging for me to hunt with you last week. I want you to know that your camp is the most organized that I have ever been to and that is saying a lot in that it was my 19th trip to the North country. Didn't get the big one but hitting the migration seems to be a crap shoot at most. Thanks again and I will certainly highly recommend Jack Hume Adventures.

Bill McFarland

2014 - Quebec

Being an avid outdoorsman, it’s never been a thought to hire a guide. My first experience was with Jack Hume Adventures and it was beyond what I could have expected. The organization of the whole process; start to finish was handled like "Real Professionals". I spent two weeks in Willies Camp with Karl, Sandi & Sonny - great people. During my stay, it was my great fortune to harvest two nice caribou, a 350 lb. black bear , and several ptarmigans . The scenery was awesome.

Terry Forehand

2014 - Quebec

This hunt was the best hunt that I have been on in the last fourteen years. The origination was the best I have ever seen. The cook and guides at bobby's lake could not have better. I do not know how you could improve on this hunt. Well worth the money spent.  A very satisfied customer.  Thank you

Joel Maxfield

2014 - Quebec

Well run outfit. 2nd trip into Quebec for caribou and this camp is far and beyond the best!

Joe Zydlewski

2014 - Quebec

This was everything one could hope for in a hunting adventure. The logistics were all taken care of with both skill and experience. The scenery was breathtaking. The opportunity for caribou was better than expected with all six in our party filling their tags with some impressive bulls.

Robb Marcella

2014 - Quebec

Overall it was an amazing experience. Great People. Number and quality of animals was fantastic!

Duke Duxbury

2014 - Quebec

Definitely a trip of a lifetime. I did not expect such a wild adventure and challenge. I left with many great experiences and sights which I'll never forget and have never before seen. I'll definitely be back one day to do it again.

Max Turczyn

2014 - Quebec

Everything from Montreal and back again went so smoothly, I was very impressed! We saw so many nice bulls. I was kicking myself for filling both tags the first day. Our guide Jimmy knew so much about the land and the animals. We all learned so much from him. I will definitely return!!

Billy DeSousa

2014 - Quebec

We really enjoyed our time on this trip. All of my expectations were met above and beyond. Guides and cook were great, they worked hard. Wilson was as eager and excited as we were to be out hunting.

We will be back!!!

Don Liddle

2014 - Quebec

Having operated fly in fishing lodges in Northern Ontario, I understand imprtance to excellent service. The folks at Jack Hume Adventures operate a first class operation. Despite a weather delay getting to camp we were still taken care of in base camp. Once at camp the guides were outstanding and had a strong knowledge of the land and the caribou. The meals that Sandy prepared for us each day were great with a wide variety of options. We tagged out early and spent 2 days experiencing world class Lake and Brook Trout fishing. It was an amazing adventure!

Matthew Parisi

2014 - Quebec

From Start to finish, I was very impressed with Jack Hume Adventures. When we first arrived we were told straight out that the caribou were migrating back up north due to warm weather. I immediately respected the honesty and quickly noticed the integrity to get us on caribou.

Jack Hume Adventure's has many camps to choose from but what impressed me the most was all the behind the scenes work (the scouting, the communications) that put us on some excellent animals. Our guides, cook and camp facilities exceeded my expectations which made for one of the most memorable hunting trips of my life.

Jake Allen

2014 - Quebec

Hello Richard and Amanda just wanted to say thank you for a great week of hunting. I had an awesome time. You guys really run a great outfit. Use me as a reference anytime.

Ken Long

2014 - Quebec


I want to take a minute to thank you and Amanda for your hard work. My hunt this year was the most fun of any guided hunt I have ever been on. Robb was a great hunting partner, I quickly felt like we had hunted together for years. The other hunters were lots of fun and Karl, Sandi, and Wilson were the best.

Already looking forward to next years hunt with Robb.

Thanks again,

David Dunavant

2014 - Quebec

My hats off to Richard and Amanda for putting together a true arctic adventure. Everything I needed was taken care of, therefore allowing me to harvest a great caribou that I will have mounted and display proudly in my office with stories to tell.

Thanks for lifetime memories!

Eric Polinder

2014 - Quebec

This trip was truly an amazing experience. The animals seen and quality of animals harvested were 2nd to none. Camp was great and the people you meet will last a lifetime.

Thank you for the experience and the two bulls!

Zachary Grove

2014 - Quebec

Bobby's Lake crew was wonderful, great people! We couldn't have asked for a better group of people. Had lots of fun in the field and back at camp. Would recommend this hunt to anyone looking for a wonderful experience.

Darrell Morrison

2014 - Quebec

One of the best organized hunts I have ever been on. Good food, lots of caribou and good size antlers. I would recommend this hunt to anyone. Bobby camp was a very good camp. The cook and guides were the best!

Brian Duxbury

2014 - Quebec

Wanted a trip of a lifetime… Delivered!

Barcley Metler

2014 - Quebec

JHA is a world class outfitter. Our trip started with some bad weather but JHA was well prepared and organized to get us to our own camp. The guides and facilities were top notch, making our trip one I will never forget.

Robert Reno

2014 - Quebec

I would recommend Jack Hume Adventures to anyone looking for a great hunt with a very organized organization. Great hunt!

Paul Carabelli

2014 - Quebec

My 4th caribou hunt in 7 years. I Would recommend outfitter to anyone. Great accommodations and outfitter goes way beyond expectations.

Rick Duggan

2014 - Quebec

Great hunt with lots of caribou and lots of shot opportunities within 30 yards or less. Great hunt with any weapon!

Grant Benson

2014 - Quebec

Better than advertised! Logistics handled with perfection. I will be back in 2017 with my son. Highly professional operation in all regards!

Ryan Weekly

2014 - Quebec

From the time we arrived to the time we left, everything was well organized. I had a great hunting experience along with good nights back at the camp with our guides and cook. What an amazing hunting trip. I would recommend this experience to anybody.

Bill Murphy

2014 - Quebec

Such an impressive operation! Richard put us in the perfect camp to hunt. We had caribou from the first hour that we landed. He and Amanda are amazing people who want nothing but the best for their hunters. Great guides, camps, unforgettable views. Sandy exceeded my expectations of a cook. I have 20 years work experience in restaurants and hotels and would hire her as a chef!

George McGoldrick

2014 - Quebec

Caribou can be hit or miss. Caribou camps typically push through a lot of people. The level of organization was outstanding!!! We had to cover a lot of ground to fill our tags but the whole camp tagged out.

Chad McDowell

2014 - Quebec

Hunt of a Lifetime! My wife knew that I've always wanted to hunt caribou and before buying me this trip she conducted a lot of research. Jack Hume Adventures always came out on top of the list.

Cliff Lam

2014 - Quebec

I could not have hoped for a better hunt or experience than I have had with Jack Hume Adventures. I would recommend this hunt to any hunter at least one time in their lives

Ernest Mezzaroba

2014 - Quebec

Once in a lifetime hunt, dream come true. Richard and Amanda Hume spare no expense or effort. The logistics of this hunt are mind numbing and yet the Hume's handle every detail well. The guides and staff are great. I spent one week with them and they now seem like old friends.

Daniel Konrad

2014 - Quebec

This trip was my 2nd hunt with Jack Hume Adventures and it will not be my last. Richard and Amanda run an amazing outfit and everything runs like clockwork unless the weather interferes.....but that just meant we had an extra day in the bush! I did not fill both tags this year but that was not from lack of chances. I was waiting for a big one and unfortunately the week ended before he came. Our guide was amazing and went well beyond what we were expecting on a 1x6 trip. The food was also amazing with the inclusion of fresh vegetables being a welcome addition. While we did not see the number of caribou on this trip like my first, it was still an amazing experience that I will definitely want to repeat!

Thank You Richard and Amanda!

Todd Shockey

My group hunted at Ikirtuuq camp last sept. I just wanted to tell you that it was one of the best hunts I've been on. Last year I brown bear, dall sheep and elk hunted as well, and your hunt was my favorite. I plan on returning with my son sometime.  Best fishing I have seen on planet earth by the way. Great Hunt.  Amanda and staff were highly organized.  I killed 2 nice bulls.  World class fishing.  I would recommend this hunt to anyone.

Todd Shockey – West Virgina

Mark Schaller

Hi Richard and Amanda! I wanted to thank you again for an unforgettable experience! As you know the airlines lost all of our gear (luckily flights to the north were delayed and we were able to locate it) and we thought our hunt was lost! Between Jack Hume Adventures and Robert in Montreal we were all amazed at the willingness and effort to find us replacement gear so we could still travel north and hunt. This effort was "priceless" and in my opinion shows the true integrity of both outfits! Our entire hunt experience from the float plane rides, to the guides, to the cook and the camps was absolutely fantastic! You have a standard of service that goes above and beyond what I expected and it made the hunt with our father a true "hunt of a lifetime"! I'm still waiting on pics from the others so I have only included one of me with my big bull and a scenery pic that my daughters and wife absolutely love! I will most definitely hunt with you again and hope to do it sooner than later! Thank You Again!!     

Mark Schaller - Colorado

Wayne MacKinnon

The caribou hunting was excellent and an important part of the trip but we got to experience a lot more than that; beautiful sunrises & sunsets, northern lights, cool little waterfall, balancing rocks all over the landscape, lake trout in every lake we fished, hundreds of ptarmigan around camp making their funny noises especially early in the morning, the great migration of herds of caribou filtering by making their way south, and for me the first time on a float plane … pretty cool taking off and landing on the water! Of course, sharing this hunting adventure with a great bunch of guys at camp who all liked having fun, especially Jimmy (guide), was a huge part of the trip for me as well. The food was excellent and the accommodations were awesome with running water & hot showers! 

Wayne MacKinnon – New Brunswick

Mike Miller

One of the best outfitters I have experienced in my over ten years of filming television. Organized, comfortable and above all service from all aspects.

Mike Miller - Ontario-out-of-Doors

Blair and Kathleen Majeau

We just returned from a week hunt at Willeys Lake it was the trip of a lifetime. We had great success saw many caribou, Our guides were so knowledgeable they were exceptional. Our cook Betty was out of this world we ate like kings. Amanda at main camp getting us out to our camps and organizing us was bar none the best. Thanks for the great adventure we would come back in a heart beat....

Blair and Kathleen Majeau - Alberta

Calvin Peterson

A very good experience and enjoyable time well spent.  Having never done a guided hunt, this experience will be the benchmark and hard to top I am sure.  Thanks to all that made this trip memorable for my son and I.  P.S. take your kids hunting!

Calvin Peterson - Alberta

Wade and Jordan Newman

Gorgeous scenery to incredible caribou!

Wade and Jordan Newman - Pennsylvania

Scott Branton

Many, many thanks to you and Richard.  I have been overwhelmed from the get-go with the organization, professionalism and follow-through of Jack Hume Adventures.  Truly, you and Richard run a top-notch operation.  As I related to my fellow "Bobby's Lake" hunters and to Ricky Drudge while I was in camp, I will be writing up our adventure and will submit it to various outdoor magazines - beginning with The Huntin Fool.  I look forward to touting accolades for JHA. 

Scott Branton - Mississippi

Luke Anderson

Richard and Amanda,
Just wanted to thank you guys again for a great week. It was probably the roughest hunt I've ever been on. That weather SUCKED. But that hunting! :)  Glad dad and I were prepared for it. I think by the end of the week dad had loaned out most of extra hunting gear. Brad borrowed his binoculars when his took a crap. Eddie used his extra rain gear. Everyone borrowed our extra radios as we brought 4. Roger used dads extra fishing pole and I was able to use his rifle. Thank god for dad!
 While we didn't see a lot of bulls, I can say I've never had so many chances at caribou. Cow after cow came by. It was great. And the move to Willy's Lake. Well that was a very unexpected surprise. I get it. I understand the weather and the effect it has on moving us. Willy's lake was an incredible place to. It really made the hunt even though we didn't see many caribou there either. It’s the open tundra. And it’s the most beautiful place on earth in my eyes. Thank you for getting us there.
 Doug, Brad and Betty were great. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. Those guys worked hard on a very rough week.  Brad and Doug both got up extra early to help us get bulls on our last days.
 I also want to say how lucky I felt to get to meet Andre, Mario and Roger at Willy's Lake. Incredible gentlemen. Andre and Roger both helped me get my last bull. They refused to let me help cut it up. I feel blessed to have gotten to meet them. Everyone I met on this trip was great. Doug, Brad, Betty, Roger, Andre and Mario were just great people. The poor weather was made up for and surpassed by getting to spend time with them all. Thanks again.

Luke Anderson - Iowa

Tim Saloom

I have hunted in many countries and states and rarely have I experienced such a well organized and satisfying experience as this.  Amanda was fabulous with emails and communication.  This trip was my first for my children and I was very anxious for them to have a great initial outdoor experience, which they did!  The guides were great with the children before and after the hunt.  This was truly a family adventure of the highest quality and I would recommend Jack Hume Adventures without reservation.

Tim Saloom - Pennsylvania

Tom Morrison

A great wilderness experience.  The people, logistics and hunting experience was really world class.

Tom Morrison

Jack Hume Adventures is Quebec's premiere caribou hunting destination.  The landscape and scenery within the territory was breathtaking.  The quantity of animals seen each day was impressive.  There were excellent archery opportunities within the landscape which provided an awesome challenge for any bow hunter or rifleman.  The quality of the bulls was also impressive and I managed to take an incredible Pope & Young bull.  10/10 rating for Jack Hume Adventures.

John Romnes

Best trip hunting ever, first class in every way!  Well organized, great accommodations, great people, great food, and success!

John Romnes - Minnesota

Richard and Brien Hanna

To the Jack Hume crew-
Unbelievable hunt! Thank you for a great time. Our animals are incredible.

Richard and Brien Hanna - Colorado

Clanton Lindsay

I highly recommend this outfit if you are seeking to add a Quebec/Labrador caribou to you collection.

Clanton Lindsay - Mississippi

Frankie Julian

I want to thank you for the greatest experience of my life. It could not have been better. From Montreal to our camp in Ikirtuuq we could not have asked for better service. We were in camp with some great guys and our guides Jim and Alfred were awesome along with our cook Theresa. I was able to take two beautiful bulls along with everyone else in the camp. I also had the chance to do the most unbelievable fishing and hunting those ptarmigan who we found out were mighty tasty. Everything with you guys is top notch and I would not hesitate to return or recommend you to anyone. Thank you guys so much again

Frankie Julian – New York

Tim Ruth

Amanda, I would like to thank both you and Richard for an excellent hunt this past September. We really enjoyed ourselves and had some very good success. Here are a few pictures, let me know that you have received them and I can send more if you wish. Thanks again for all of your hard work!!

Tim Ruth - Pennsylvania

Nicholas Sagar

Great hunt!! The family loves the meat and that usually means I'll have to come back! 

Nicholas Sagar - Colorado

Tom Arthur

Amanda and Richard,
Thanks for all that you do to make your caribou hunt so enjoyable. 
I was at “Bobby's Camp” and everything was good…guides, cabin, Christina's cooking, etc. My guide was John and I thought he was excellent. I shot this old bull on the 4th and left on the 5th . I'm very pleased with him, but need to keep moving to finish my N A 29. Hope you have a great season

Tom Arthur - Florida

Matt Muir

Hi Richard and Amanda,
Despite how everything unfolded at the start of the week.... I'm very happy we had chosen to hunt with you guys. It all came together that very last afternoon once you had moved us from Bobby's to Inukshuk, and for that Jay and I are extremely grateful. I have to tell you, that really meant a lot. What a fantastic way to be able to end a hunt that started off so rough. (Damn Weather!) There are lots of memories and even more stories.  Jay and I look forward to hunting with you guys again in the next few years. Thanks

Matt Muir - Ontario

Kevin Jewers

Richard and Amanda, I would like to thank you both, all of your staff and anybody involved for a wonderful experience on my recent caribou hunt. Special thanks to my guide Brad Buckle for his work in the field as well as at camp, lots of new friends made, and memories .Thanks again.

Kevin Jewers - Fort McMurray, Alberta

Jim Farrell

I want to thank you for a most memorable hunt. The communication by both of you was awesome. Rick our guide and all the crew at Bobby's camp were unbelievable. The food was second to none. I consider myself to be an excellent cook, but Christina was outstanding. I am part owner in a moose/deer camp in northern Ontario, and know what it is like to organize a hunt. I also do all the cooking but on a miniature scale, compared to your business. My brother Ron and I enjoyed ourselves so much, we are definitely planning another trip back, however if you ever have need for a guide, I would love to apply, especially if it is working with Rick. Again, thanks

Jim Farrell - Ontario

Greg Mensik

Well, we made it back safe and delays and the meat is in great shape!
All went well in Montreal with the butcher and the taxidermist........Just wanted to thank you and Richard again for a wonderful hunt......met all my expectations & hopes, and then some!! The country, the wildlife, your camp crew.....all were great.....and the ptarmigan numbers were incredible.....LOTS and we got to hunt and eat them too......excellent!! I certainly did not mind the extra days, as I continued to hunt ptarmigan and catch/release more fish (the brookies were gorgeous)....but felt badly for the next bunch of hunters, as I knew they were losing time that could not be made up. However, they landed with caribou easily spotted from camp the day it cleared hope it went well for them too. 
You all certainly had things in motion when the wind calmed.......excellent transition of parties in and out.....quick! So, continued good luck with the hunting , and please let us know how thing was a pleasure meeting you and getting to thank you personally for all the question answering, info, etc. Warmest regards

Greg Mensik - California

Aaron Greene

Richard and Amanda,
We had a great time. You all have a first class operation and Doug, Curry, and Betty were all super. I hope to make it back in a couple of years. We also appreciate the support you have given to our local chapter of RMEF. I hope it has been as successful for you as it has been for the chapter. I have given your name and contact info to at least 40 people since we got back last week. Hopefully at least a few of them will come see you. If ever you need a reference, for sure feel free to give my number to anyone you want. I will definitely give a good report. Thanks

Aaron Greene

Jeff Salter

Hi Richard and Amanda, Thought you might like to have a couple pictures of my bull taken on 9/6/2012 at camp Ikurtuuq, hope the rest of the hunters are as successful as I was. This is one of my two bulls. Had a very memorable hunt, Thanks again.

Jeff Salter - Pennsylvania

Gary Martin

I would like to Thank You and Richard again for a Great hunt and moving my group when there wasn't many caribou in our camp. I ended up shooting a bull caribou that scored 344 6/8" P&Y points. We all had a Great time! I will be writing a story about our wonderful experience and continue to book hunters for you thru Close Encounters.

Gary Martin - Wisconsin

Peter Fisk

Amanda & Richard,
Just wanted to thank you again for a great hunt all around. Everything was top notch from Montreal to Ikirtuuq. Our guides Alfred and Jim were great, and Theresa our cook left us all fat and happy. If I ever get an opportunity to hunt Caribou in Canada again I would go with Jack Hume Adventures, and recommend you to anyone. I hope you have a successfully season and many more to come. Thanks,

Peter Fisk – New York

Dave Witthuhn

Good morning Richard and Amanda, I've included a couple pictures of Pete and mine caribou from our trip. Please feel free to use them if you'd like. When I talked with Pete almost two years ago about making this trip, I told him getting a caribou was second to just being there. Explaining that silence has a sound was the best way to describe how beautiful northern Quebec is. When that opportunity is made possible by the best outfitter the experience only becomes better. You both define what professional and friendly is. I was impressed the first time I hunted with you and it only got better this time around. I know Pete feels the same. We are planning a return trip in two years. Our camp was great and all the others hunters - Drew, Aaron, Yves, Cory, Fred, Tony and guides Doug, Curry and our cook Betty were the best. When we come back I'm sure we'll want to hunt with Doug & Curry & Betty again. I hope the rest of your season goes well. Thanks again for giving us both a fantastic hunt (my second), and look forward to seeing you both again. Take care, be safe and good hunting.

Dave Witthuhn - Wisconsin

Robbie Schmidt

Thanks Richard and Amanda for making my lifelong dream of hunting caribou a reality. Everything went smooth from the time I initially contacted you until I got back home. The only thing now is the wait until I can get my shoulder mount back from the taxidermist. The guides and cook were top notch and very professional and helpful, sure hope to see Deric and Jane next time. The way it rains and then the sun comes out right away made the landscape a constant glittering bed of jewels. I am not sure how you managed to do it; but I came up there by myself and you had me grouped with some hunters that reminded me of the people I go hunting with back here at home. We all got along great and we will be keeping in contact with each other for years to come. A little warning that you might be getting a migration of Saskatchewan hunters after I finish showing photos and telling stories of the great time I had to my friends and family back home. Thanks again,

Robbie Schmidt  - Saskatchewan

Jerry Gowins

Hi Richard and Amanda!
Thank you so much for putting on a great hunt. As far as outdoor pursuits go, it was the best week of my life (I was at Bobby Lake)! Killing a caribou, let alone two of them, with a traditional bow has been a dream of mine for at least 20 years. I can't wait to get the mount back and put it on my wall. I'm soaking the antlers of the other bull as I type. Hope to have them finished and hanging in the next couple of weeks. Two 16" x 24" canvas prints of my photos of caribou crossing the lake and then going ashore (see attached) will be here tomorrow. The organization from the time we reached Lac Pau was impressive. Amanda, you did a great job of getting us all lined out and ready to go. Your cheerfulness was also appreciated. Amid all of the confusion of 32 guys who just want to get to camp and hunt, it still felt personal. I guess that began with the way you replied to all of my questions via e-mail. Richard, thank you again for making sure your .270 was available. Thankfully, it never left the peg in the bunkhouse until it was time to return. I also understand now that there will always be a gun in camp and that the other hunters, for the most part, are happy to let someone use their gun when they're tagged out. I understand a lot of things now that will make my next trip that much better!
There were a lot of "firsts" for me; Flying in a small craft, let alone a float plane. Seeing a live caribou, going on a guided hunt, heated cabins, witnessing the awesomeness of the Northern Lights. I'm sure there's more. I'll remember as soon as I consult my hunt journal.
It was a wonderful time and I hope to be back in two to three years. Karl is an exceptional guide and human being. I hope to have him guide me again. Actually, I may demand it. I also truly appreciate you spending the money to lease camps that gave us the opportunities we had.
Thank you again for the truly wonderful experience. I will never forget it! Sincerely

Jerry Gowins - Oregon

John Thelen

Amanda & Richard, 
I wanted to write and thank you and the entire Jack Hume Adventures team for an outstanding hunt.  As you know, I was at camp from September 4th to September 9th.  The entire experience, from booking to return, was well orchestrated, well communicated, and flawlessly executed.  I could not be any happier, and I will share that opinion with anybody who asks. In particular, I was extremely pleased with your communication and organization.  The information packets were extremely helpful.  Your communications were always prompt and accurate.  The check-in and orientation were extremely smooth.   At every step it was clear where we needed to be and when, and there were always people available who could answer questions. The in-camp experience was also outstanding.  Rick, our guide, was cooperative, professional, and a great guy.  The food was excellent, and the accommodations at Camp Bobby were way beyond expectations, with flush toilets, hot showers, 110V AC, and heated cabins.  Most importantly, the camp was very active with caribou.  Good bulls were literally walking within shooting range of camp nearly every day, including one true trophy.  Both my brother and I had ample opportunity at high-quality animals.  We could not ask for anything more. 
Last, I am very impressed with Jack Hume Adventures commitment to the hunter.  As the herd migrations have changed, your organization has been extremely proactive in acquiring and leasing additional camps to place hunters in productive locations.  I am sure that this has been difficult and expensive, but it is the right thing to do to maintain your stellar reputation. In summary, you are a top-notch outfitter running an excellent operation.  Keep up the great work!

John Thelen - Michigan

Harold Baker

Amanda & Richard,
I just wanted to thank you so much for giving myself and my son a hunt of a life time. We had such a great time. Everything you told us was true except one thing you said we would gain 10 lbs from the food. Well we gained 20 lbs. We stayed at Camp Bobby and what a wonderful group of people you have there. Christina was amazing, I loved the way Rick got more excited seeing Caribou from camp than some of the other hunters (not me & Mitch) and the guides were all very friendly and helpful in every aspect. We saw between 2000 and 2500 Caribou the entire week, I never dreamed it would be like that. Our guide Karl put us on top of the animals right away. He wanted Mitchell to hold out for a monster bull but Mitch gave in on Wednesday and took a very nice bull. The fishing was great with the lake trout and brook trout. I caught most of mine right from the dock. The camp was perfect with great equipment, very comfortable cabins and showers. I applaud the both of you the way you handled the stay over in Lac Pau do to the weather. It has to be very difficult to make 30 to 36 hunters happy and I believe you did just that. As much as we all wanted to get to camp we knew we shouldn't have been in a plane. Thank you again and can’t wait to come up and hunt with you again.  Thanks,

Harold Baker - Ohio

Matthew Sanders

Hello Richard and Amanda:
I had some big expectations for this hunt and you and your team exceeded them. This hunt was incredible.

Matthew Sanders - Indiana

Tom Heeg

Hi Amanda & Richard, 
I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for all of your efforts in making our recent caribou trip a tremendous success.  We were very pleased with the accommodations, the food, the guides and the hunting. The weather was a little bit of a problem but we won’t blame you for that! The camp was a great destination. I realize you had to seek out new locations to handle all of the hunters this year. We felt lucky to be placed in that camp.  Best wishes for continued success.

Tom Heeg - Wisconsin

Ron D. Dupree

Amanda & Richard,
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how truly much I appreciated all your support during our hunt 9-15 SEP.  This was the realization of a long-held dream for me.  I hope to be able to do this again sometime soon, particularly with my two sons, 24 and 21, who would also love to experience your hunts.  Although we had some significant weather and natural challenges, this was all that I could have hoped for.  Every aspect of your organization, staff, and the hunt were top-notch, and I cannot express my respect and gratitude enough.  Please pass my thanks on to Curry, Doug and Betty.  Again, thank you and I hope to hunt with you again someday.  I will enclose a few of the pictures of my bulls, which also were all I had ever hoped for.

Ron D. Dupree - Kentucky

Mike Johnson

Richard &  Amanda,
Just wanted drop a quick note to let you know I had a hunt of a lifetime with Jack Hume Adventures.  I know it takes a lot of experienced and good employees to keep your operation running smoothly. I can't even imagine trying to keep 180 clients happy each year .Jimmy and Alfred , from the moment I got to camp , made a special effort to make sure my needs and expectations were met. I had Alfred as my guide in the field , his experience and love of his job shows as we had a great time out on the tundra .His wife Theresa is a great cook too, don't think I lost any weight on this trip. Hopefully someday I'll be able to bring my daughter up on a hunt as I'm sure she'd enjoy the experience too !

Mike Johnson - West Virginia 

Gary and Scott Galica

Richard and Amanda:
We want to thank you for a phenomenal hunting experience this August.  Every aspect of the hunt was outstanding:  the guides, the cook, the camp, the staff in Montreal and in Caniapiscau, and of course you guys.  Your organization and planning was great - we didn't worry about a thing the whole time.
We'd like to thank you especially for the extra effort and expense of getting us to Camp Bobby.  The camp was great, and we appreciate that you want the extra mile to get us as close as possible to the migration.  We also appreciate the extra planning effort you must have done with the uncertainty and change in regulations this year.  Scott and I ended up with 4 great caribou, and lots of memories.  It was a trip of a lifetime for both of us. I can't stop talking about the experience, and I can't wait to go back.  I've attached a couple pictures, which you are welcome to use.  Please feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks again so much

Gary and Scott Galica - Massachusetts

Eric and Nadine Ham

Hello Amanda & Richard,
Just wanted to let you know, we had a great time on our caribou hunt,  I am sending you a couple of our pictures from the hunt,  we did great, the polar bears were an added bonus!! Karl was a wonderful guide.  Thanks so much for a great time.

Eric and Nadine Ham - Nevada

Guy Guthrie

Richard & Amanda,
Just writing to thank you both for the hunt of a lifetime. It's one thing to imagine what it would be like it, and another  to experience it. The weather was unseasonably warm for the first 3 days and this obviously had an adverse effect on the migration.  So we suffered through it the best we could with fishing countless lake Trout and Char, ptarmigan hunting with a bow, and the best bear hunting ever, “my Son has his first Bear rug"! We also felt lucky  to have available to us, the thoughtful and informative advice from your camp guide Michel, and the unbelievable home cooked meals that his partner Marise prepared for us, such as roasts, stew, soups, pies, cakes, deserts, deserts and deserts!. I had to walk miles a day just to fight off the calories she inflicted me with. If we had not seen a Caribou that week we all felt we had our monies worth. Then on Thursday along with some wind and rain I witnessed something we'll never forget; Caribou coming at us  for as far as the eye could see, and too many antlers for a novice to take in. Should have stayed at camp on the front porch with a coffee; for they walked almost into it.  My son and I, along with my great friends took some amazing Bulls, and we  will never forget the kind of hunt you collectively put on and the all apparent logistics it must entail. We'll be back once my wife picks out a wall to hang mine on. Maybe I'll have to put addition onto the home. See you all again soon!!

Guy Guthrie - Ontario

Dustin Shorma

Dear Richard and Amanda,
I just wanted to thank the both of you for all you did in making our Quebec caribou hunt the adventure of a lifetime.  Given the circumstances our hunting party had with the commercial airlines and cancelled flights, you both went above and beyond our expectations in making sure our hunting party was all together for a few days on the tundra.  We each harvested two beautiful caribou bulls and just had the time of our lives.  I also wanted to comment on Mike and Mary, the hosts at Inukshuk camp.  Mike was a walking encyclopedia regarding the flora and fauna living on the tundra.  I’ve been a game warden in Wyoming for the past twelve years and have never met anyone with his level of woodsman skills and outdoor savvy.  It was truly a pleasure being able to spend a week with him.  Mary also did an amazing job of making sure we were fed VERY well (I actually gained weight on this trip…go figure) and that we were comfortable in the hunting camp.  Being able to spend a week with such wonderful people was just icing on the cake.I know everyone in our hunting party had an amazing hunting vacation with Jack Hume Adventures, and while we can’t go on a caribou trip every year, we are planning on hunting with you again. Thanks so much for such a great adventure

Dustin Shorma - Wyoming  

Lyle Knutsen

Hello Amanda & Richard: 
Hunt of a Lifetime.
Just wanted to send you a note letting you know that I had the most wonderful experience of my 65 years when I went hunting in Canada on one of your 2011 Caribou hunts. I was treated exceptionally well by both you and all your staff. I had a very exceptional Hunt tagging Two Very Nice Bulls. This was awesome as I had been to Canada with another outfitter in the past and never even saw a Caribou! Even after the hunt I really enjoyed myself filming all the wildlife and the Beautiful scenery. I took over 2000 pictures of Caribou (some of the largest bulls I saw),Ptarmigan (what a beautiful bird), Arctic Fox, Red Fox and all the Beautiful scenery. I am really hoping to return again in 2012 with my two sons and my best hunting buddy. Thank You So Very Much

Lyle Knutsen - Iowa

Bruce Foran

Hi Amanda and Richard
Our hunting season has finally ended and I wanted to send you a line complete with a few pictures.I would like firstly to tell you how great our hunt was with you and to let you know how satisfied we all were.As you know our hunt was all about Cadyn.I don,t think I could have wrote a script any better.He did great and made his Grandpa very proud.You two run one smooth sailing ship.Amanda ,you impressed me so much with everything you did.( Richard , hang on to her !! ) My one regret Richard is that you and I didn't get an opportunity to sit down and have a visit.Alfred was just super .We spent a bit of time with Jimmy and he was as well.Teresa's cooking was fabulous.I am not sure what Roberts capacity is with your outfit.but my hat goes off to him as well.When we first got to Montreal and connected with him he assured me that our meat and trophies would be cared for when we got back to Montreal and prepared for us to take them on the plane back to Calgary with us.My expectations were met and exceded.Over and above this on Sunday of our departure we were not to fly home until the evening and on Sunday morning Robert found me and suggested we all go out for lunch and then he would take us on a tour of Montreal.We did just that and what an added bonus to our trip that was.For an Alberta redneck it was quite something. Nothing would please me more than to tell people how great our trip was and just how honest,professional and accomadating you guys are. If you are ever coming to a show in Alberta let me know and I will look you up.Best of the season to you both.

Bruce Foran - Alberta

John O'Dell

Richard and Amanda,
Thank you for the hunt of a lifetime! I am fortunate in that I get to travel all across North America in pursuit of big game and I have to tell you that your combination of guides, food (Betty was an amazing cook), camps, and caribou hunting made for one of my best overall hunting experiences to date. Not only did we capture some outstanding video during our hunt but we made some lifelong friends in the process.
Everyone on your staff made us feel right at home. It is clear that you run a world class operation and you take care of your hunters from A-Z.
I just finished my hunt with you and I already can't wait to do it all over again. Thank you again for everything!

John O'Dell - Drury Outdoors

Kurt and Jerry Kracke

Hi Amanda and Richard,
I want to say thanks for a great experience, my Dad and I had the time of our lives on our hunt. We could not have asked for any more from you guys and our guides Alfred, Jimmie and Dameon and of course the best cook I'm sure you have, Theresa. You run a First Class operation. We chose your outfit after a lot of research and two of the biggest reasons were the effort you put forth and the fact that you actually move camps when the opportunity is there. Well I would say our move from Merville North to Crystal Lake Labrador payed off big time. My Dad and I send our sincere thanks for what truly was the hunt of a lifetime. God willing we will be back someday.Thank you

Kurt and Jerry Kracke - Virginia

Joe Heath

Richard and Amanda,
I wanted to again thank you for an incredible hunting trip this last September. The caribou hunting trip was something I wanted to do for a long time and with my son Brett graduating from college, I felt it was a perfect time to share such an experience. The experience we shared hunting caribou with you was fantastic. I have never hunted with an outfitter before and the experiences of hunting with you made our trip very enjoyable. I didn't really know the amount of organization and work that went into such a hunt. Watching what went on just to get us from Montreal to the hunting camp identified a new appreciation for the work you do for the hunters. I learned at camp about the amount of unseen work that goes on preparing the camps and equipment before the hunters even arrive.  I further wanted to let you know that having Brian and Cindy as our camp guide and cook was a perfect couple that just enhanced our experiences. They were great with the laughs, which made camp enjoyable. Brian's knowledge of the area helped us being in the right place at the right time and Cindy is one heck of a cook with all of the homemade food she prepared for us. I also noticed that you are willing to do what it takes to help the hunters success. We had two very accomplished bow hunters in our camp and they were having a difficult time getting into range to harvest a caribou. You came and picked up these hunters and moved them to a camp with a better opportunity to harvest a caribou with a bow as the migration was in the area. I know they were appreciative for the extra effort you made for them. We made new good friends with the members of our camp.Thanks again and I hope one day soon I will have another opportunity to hunt with you.

Joe Heath - Oregon

Jerry Kusar

Rich and Amanda,
I know last week was a slow week but that is why they call it "hunting" instead of "killing". My son Jared and I did tag out and this bull will look great on my fireplace. Our guide Avalon was terrific as well as all the other guides and our cook Lorriane. It was my second visit with your outfitt and will one day be back again.  My son and I had a great time and hope you pass along our compliments to your staff. Thanks

Jerry Kusar - Ohio

Gary Marlborough

Richard and Amanda,

I’ve been on a couple other guided hunts but hands down you guys are the best I’ve experienced. You certainly have a top notch outfit. I’d recommend your company to anyone looking for a caribou adventure. You provide realistic info on your website and in your correspondence plus run a tight ship.
In my line of work (service industry), our goal is to keep all clients happy while meeting their expectations and fulfilling our business expectations. This includes our client, sub-clients, employees, co-workers and contractors. It’s not easy, and at times, I compare the demands of the job to herding cats. Well I gotta say, you guys have a lot to do to keep everything running well and keep all stakeholders happy - you do an exceptional and professional job at “herding cats”. Bottom line is that you run a very organized operation and deliver what you say you will. The entire trip was extremely well organized and enjoyable from start to finish. Well Done!!! Thanks.  

Gary Marlborough - Nova Scotia


Douglas Hutchinson

Amanda and Richard,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the most incredible hunting experience we've ever had. There are 6 guys from Texas that had a trip of a lifetime. I don't think we could have scripted a better hunt. It started with Amanda staying late, with a cooler, on Thursday night to get our stuff checked in. Then off to camp at Crystal Lake, which was way more than we expected. Running water, hot showers, electricity, and even a washing machine. The only thing missing was a hot tub, but we made due in the lake. As you will see in some of our pics. Our guides were top notch. Alfred, Jimmy and Damien were there every step of the way to ensure that we were not only successful, but had fun doing it. Never once did they say "no" to us. If it was legal, they let us do it. They repeatedly said, " They were there to make sure we had fun". There was never a truer statement. It was always a dilemma whether or not to have that second (or third ) helping of food. You are truly blessed to have 4 exceptional employees like that.The hunting was amazing too. I realize that all hunting requires some luck, but placement and knowledgeable guides are a must. We had it all. We saw caribou everyday. We were always in the right place at the right time, thanks to our guides. We took 12 big bulls. Eleven in the first 2 1/2 days of hunting. We were also able to bag a bear and plenty of lake trout. It was just an unbelievable experience. Thanks to everyone that gave us a "Trip of a Lifetime". 

Douglas Hutchinson - Florence,Texas

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