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Caribou Hunting in Nunavik

We offer several different types of caribou hunting packages to suit the needs of hunters of all types. All packages (except the drive-up option) are all-inclusive from Montreal.

Each guide is equipped with a boat and motor which is used to transport caribou hunters to caribou crossings. The guide is also responsible for scouting the area for caribou movement, doing a variety of camp chores and helping hunters with the field work after harvesting their trophies.  Depending on the level of service selected, the guide will provide assistance with transportation, selecting a trophy, quartering, deboning, caping and packing out caribou.

The camp cooks will prepare delicious home-cooked meals including fresh bread and desserts, fish fry's during fishing season and ptarmigan or caribou dishes upon request. She will also keep your accommodations neat and tidy. For those who do not require the luxury of a cook at camp, the “no cook” option is available for our 1x6 package

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Maricout Salmon Fishing Adventures

Our clients will enjoy all-inclusive treatment right from the time they step onto our private PC-12 in Montreal. Forget the hassles of hectic airports and crowded aircrafts - on our flights everybody is in first-class!

All of our professional guides are experts at maneuvering our freighters through the rapids to take fishermen to their secret fishing holes, sometimes traveling up to 30 miles in either direction on the Delay River. Every guide caters to 2 fishermen each week and takes care of transporting fishermen, providing them with tips and tricks to make the catch, and of course with cleaning the fish at the end of the day. Shore lunches are quite often a favorite way to spend part of the afternoon on the river banks.

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