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Caribou Hunting Packages

We offer several different types of caribou hunting packages to suit the needs of hunters of all types.  All packages (except the drive-up option) are all-inclusive from Montreal.

Each guide is equipped with a boat and motor which is used to transport caribou hunters to caribou crossings. The guide is also responsible for scouting the area for caribou movement, doing a variety of camp chores and helping hunters with the field work after harvesting their trophies. Depending on the level of service selected, the guide will provide assistance with transportation, selecting a trophy, quartering, deboning, caping and packing out caribou.

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The camp cooks will prepare delicious home-cooked meals including fresh bread and desserts, fish fry's during fishing season and ptarmigan or caribou dishes upon request. She will also keep your accommodations neat and tidy.

Airmedic - Included with Every Hunt!

Every client reserved for any of the caribou hunting packages our outfit provides is automatically covered by AirMedic at no extra charge!  If you’re booked with us, you’re covered – it’s that simple.

Whether you are in perfect health or have a troubled medical history, the thought of an accident or health issue leaving you stranded in the North and spending thousands of dollars just getting to a hospital can weigh heavy on the mind.  Don’t let these thoughts deter you from going on your next great adventure - peace of mind is included with each and every package.  Your well-being is of utmost importance to us and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure your safety.

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UnGuided $7,500 USD

***All-inclusive from Montreal***

Take pride in accomplishing all aspects of the hunt on your own with the caribou outfitter who provides the best opportunity for success.

The unguided (1 guide: 6 hunters) package is geared towards those who have sufficient hunting experience to go-it-alone and who are physically capable of doing so. An experienced guide / caretaker will be provided for each group of 6 hunters. He will keep the camp operational, scout the area for caribou, provide transportation for guests and help out with certain aspects of the caribou hunt. This option allows for greater mobility from camp to camp if relocation is required. A camp cook is optional with this package, however, a complete food order is provided for those who choose the no-cook option.

  • $7,500 / person (15% tax included)
  • 1 trophy caribou license per hunter included
  • This package is also available with a cook for an extra $500 per person***

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Semi-Guided $8,500 - $9,000 USD

***All-inclusive from Montreal***

Have the satisfaction of making the kill on your own, while having the comfort of a professional guide's help in the field.

The 1x3 and 1x4 semi guided options are geared towards those who don't require a guide by their side 100% of the time, but would like some guidance in the field along with having most of the field work done by a professional guide. With this guiding service, the guide will divide his time amongst his group of 3 or 4 hunters. He will provide transportation to caribou crossings and some guidance with selecting a trophy, as well as help complete the field work once the caribou has been harvested.

  • 1x4 - $8,500 USD / person (15% tax included)
  • 1x3 - $9,000 USD / person (15% tax included)
  • 1 trophy caribou license per hunter included

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Fully Guided $9,500 USD

***All-inclusive from Montreal***

Let one of our professional guides set you up for the perfect kill and take care of all of the field work for you.

The 1x2 is for those who want exclusive attention and a professional guide to carry out all the field work. On this fully guided caribou hunt, each pair of hunters is accompanied by a full time guide. The guide will transport hunters to crossings, help spot, stalk or put an ambush on the caribou. Once the caribou has been harvested, he will look after all of the field work including quartering, deboning, caping and packing it out.  Just sit back and relax after an adventurous day of hunting while your camp cook prepares and serves delicious home-made meals! This package offers upgraded accommodations including hot and cold running water. Experience the Northern tundra with all the essential elements of home!

  • $9,500 USD / person (15% tax included)
  • 1 trophy caribou license per hunter included

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Wild Card $12,000 - $14,000 USD

***All-inclusive from Montreal***

The wild card package is the ultimate caribou hunt for those of you who wish to put all odds in your favor. It is offered as a fully guided 1x1 or 1x2 service. The Wild Card is strictly offered to 1 or 2 hunters each week.  These hunters will be positioned with their appointed guide at our most productive hunting teritory, which may be any one of our 40+ outpost camps regardless of the facilities.  Having only 3-4 people (hunters + staff) allows us to easily pick up and move to different locations with our DHC-2 Beaver aircraft.

  • 1x2 guide service -$12,000 USD / person (15% tax included)
  • 1x1 guide service -$14,000 USD/ person (15% tax included)
  • 1 trophy caribou license per hunter included

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