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Air Medic - Going the Extra Mile for Your Safety

So, you’re going North, eh?…way North.  Sounds exciting!  A true adventure.  No people, no stores, no roads, just pristine Northern wilderness to calm the soul.

Time away from cell phones, schedules and all the luxuries of modern life that clutter the mind is just what you need.  

 ...Until you look at the map and think, “what if I fall and break my leg?”; “what if I have a heart attack?”; “who will help me out there and how much will it cost?!”

Stay calm and breathe through the nose.  Jack Hume Adventures has got you covered.

Every client reserved for any of the caribou hunting packages our outfit provides is automatically covered by AirMedic at no extra charge!  If you’re booked with us, you’re covered – it’s that simple.

Whether you are in perfect health or have a troubled medical history, the thought of an accident or health issue leaving you stranded in the North and spending thousands of dollars just getting to a hospital can weigh heavy on the mind.  Don’t let these thoughts deter you from going on your next great adventure - peace of mind is included with each and every package.  Your well-being is of utmost importance to us and that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure your safety.

  • At the moment of a medical emergency, AirMedic will be dispatched for emergency evacuation of the individual.
  • An aircraft equipped with medical rescue equipment will land at the closest runway (including gravel) to the site of the medical emergency.
  •  A certified nurse and a certified paramedic and a doctor all trained in aeromedical care will be onboard depending on the severity of the situation
  • All medical professionals will board a float plane, if necessary, to reach the individual needing rescue.
  • The patient will be transported to the closest hospital that offers medical services relative to their condition.

***All costs associated with the hospital where the patient undergoes care, will be assumed by the patient.  Medical travel insurance is advised***


In emergency medicine, time is a determining factor.
Our pilots, in-flight nurses, paramedics, and doctors’ mission is to rescue you quickly and transport you to the hospital best equipped to handle your condition. Airmedic is more than an air ambulance service—its emergency medicine within reach, wherever you are.